Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What a wild road.

Due to lack of resources,
A2BGreen:Cuba was coming
to an end. Hwy 33 Ojai, CA
is as far as this project
went. Decided to take a
train from Ventura, CA to
Flagstaff, AZ to have
Christmas with my mother.
My family was deeply con-
cerned about me crossing
the border into Mexico.
Fear-mongering in the
media put fear into my
family and soon into me.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs.
The universe has been good to me.

If you conspire, so will the
universe, don't be afraid, if
you feel a cause inside, it is
for good reason. Intuition is
the greatest asset one could
have, regardless of what
corporate media may say.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Danny, hope everything is going well on the rest of your journey. I can't remember if you got my blog address: djredlocks.blogspot.com Just keep on inspiring people, believe me, they need it in these times and they won't get inspiration, appreciation and encouragement from the dominant culture around us. We need to participate in the cycles we are drawn to in the time we have. Peace bro, talk to you soon!